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New chapters: Colchester and Netherlands!

It's been a big time for the Heavy Metal Cycling Club, and the launch of the site has brought with it a huge surge of interest and we are adding minions at a frightening pace, and we've a steady influx of new members joining our Iron Hall.

Tactical Unicorn of our newly formed Netherlands chapter lead a charge of itinerant metalheads through the brutalising winds of the Netherlands toward a brewery in the finest traditions of the club, while Camulus lead a Colchester group on a truly remarkable tour of local lore and history.

Says Camulus:

“A glorious morning for the first HMCC Colchester ride celebrating some of the local history with Aberton Resovoir, the testing ground for the dambusters bouncing bomb, the Saxon Battlement of Blue Bottle Grove where they scuppered chariots and finishing with a nice Coffee at Castle park, the grounds of the biggest Northern Keep in Europe Colchester Castle - a fitting way to establish the charter!”

An exciting time - where once there was one chapter, now there are three - and we hear there are rumblings up in the North of England, too! More on that soon. -El Topo

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