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On club chapters and Bruce Lee...

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

We often get asked, 'how did you get so good looking,' and, 'what if I don't live in London?' For the very first time we're inviting cyclists who've ridden with us, or with the Heavy Metal Truants to start their own chapters.

That's because we model our club after the wisdom of a variety of inspirational figures including Bruce Lee, who only wanted his unique fighting style to be taught by his students, and their students. It was a way of ensuring that the original values: in our case beer, heavy metal, and cycling - in that order - were being passed on to all who ride/fight/beer under that banner. Bruce Lee: what a legend.

While we're developing a club charter, rule one of HMCC is don't be a dick. If you think you can handle it then get in touch immediately! Just email us on heavymetalcycling at gmail dot com

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