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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Since 2014 the HMCC has been an informal gathering of like-minded cyclists who agree on things like beer, wearing helmets and Dokken's uncelebrated but masterfully rendered 1987 classic Back For The Attack.

That isn't to say we're getting formal, but we'd love to connect with heavy metal fans who also ride around the world, so get in touch via our socials or at heavymetalcycling at gmail dot com, join our strava group, connect with us on Facebook, and come hang! We have a private facebook group which you are free to join, but to get a codename and join hte Iron Hall you'll either need to have ridden with us or any of our soon to be chartered chapters, or with the Heavy Metal Truants, our inspiration for all this. Once you have and you've bought a round you're officially in.

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